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Synonyms for postmark

a cancellation mark stamped on mail by postal officials

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stamp with a postmark to indicate date and time of mailing


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To quote the consenting opinion, "Today there are myriad ways to purchase and apply postage." Until clear and concise regulations are drafted on this issue, decisions may continue to fluctuate in the face of technology; a decision by the Tax Court from 2015 with "virtually identical facts" ruled that a label did not qualify as a postmark, and therefore, a petition was not timely filed (Tilden v.
One was postmarked Bacalor, with 'El Jefe local de Magalang' (the local chief of Magalang) as the addressee.
Pictorial Postmarks have already been set for the following towns:
Freeborn also said she sees "tremendous opportunities for growth in central Pennsylvania" with Postmark members and the credit union's other employer groups.
301.7502-1(c) specifies the timing for a postmark under U.S.
When the winning stamp and postmark entries from Thailand were announced last February, Piyawat Mahapauraya, Senior Executive Vice-President and Acting President of Thailand Post Company Limited, was quoted as saying, "Asean member countries are building a new history with an announcement of the final round of the design contest."
The stamp, | | above; and, inset, the postmark for Ellesmere Port-born footballer and manager Joe Mercer, launched by the Royal Mail to celebrate the centenary of his birth
Monthly rents start at $2,000 for Postmark's one-, two-and three-bedroom homes.
26 ( ANI ): The first and only envelope to get postmarked on the moon's surface has now gone on display as part of the world's largest postage stamp gallery.
Property owners must either have their mailed tax payments postmarked by Monday or leave payments at eight drop boxes throughout Lane County by no later than midnight Monday.
Post bosses dismissed any nostalgia about the postmark saying it was merely an "operational tool" to show where a letter was processed.
Thousands now flock to the local post office every year to get a Romance postmark. The local school is called Rose Bud.
4 LOVER (UK) - the local post office of this Wiltshire village gets inundated with Valentines cards as the postmark is a prized accessory.
Next Day Rule" is fatal if a mailing is postmarked one day after the 10-day rule within which to file a motion for rehearing after the rendition of an order.
Surrounded by mystery and intrigue and irritating a number of James Bond fans around the world, a Birmingham postmark has been withdrawn by Royal Mail without being used to cancel a single stamp.