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  • noun

Synonyms for posting

an item inserted, as in a diary, register, or reference book

Synonyms for posting

a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement

(bookkeeping) a listing on the company's records

the transmission of a letter

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The development and posting of an edublog that welcomed students and supported their first three course projects and processes (slab, pinch, and coil).
Students are posting information about illegal activities or actions that go against campus policies.
Lawmakers added a provision to the bill requiring that the General Assembly pay for the postings, and lawmakers are reluctant to approve any new spending since the state faces a $3.8 billion budget shortfall.
Using any other newsgroup to test your skills by posting extraneous messages is considered rude.
A newsgroup can either be moderated (each post is approved by a moderator for appropriateness before posting) or unmoderated (each post is simply sent to all machines that follow that group, without approval).
Can posting these texts to the Internet, in the context of an attempt to generate greater public discussion and awareness of the Scientologists' teachings, be excused on these grounds?
The NHA has also chalked out policy of maximum three years tenure of posting on same post.
According to a notification made available to Pakistan Observer on Saturday, the FBR notified transfer and posting of following Ten officers of BS-20 officers:
PESHAWAR -- Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has ordered posting and transfer of eight officers, in the public interest, with immediate effect.
Many instructors now use their course websites to augment or facilitate face-to-face lectures--posting PowerPoint slides, making announcements, posting tests or quizzes, or opening discussion boards for student-to-student interaction.
One of the major keys in posting up is using the feet to establish position.
Khan Region, services of awaiting posting DSP, Mansoor Naji placed at the disposal of DIG Traffic Punjab for further posting, awaiting posting DSP Saleem Haider Shah, was posted as DSP Organized Crime Sheikhupura, awaiting posting DSP Muhammad Afsar was posted as DSP Organized Crime-II Rawalpindi, awaiting posting DSP Ejaz Hussain Shah, was posted as DSP Security VVIP-II Rawalpindi awaiting posting, DSP Ghazanfar Abbas, was posted as SDPO Mian Channu Khanewal, services of the awaiting posting DSP Mohammad Ashraf, placed at the disposal of Addl: IGP Special Branch, Punjab, Lahore for further posting, awaiting posting DSP Razakar Hussain Shah was posted as DSP Security Governor House Lahore, DSP Security Governor House Lahore Naeem Aziz, was transferred and posted as SDPO Sadar,
LAHORE -- The Punjab government seems indecisive as it is transferring and posting senior bureaucrats time and again.