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an artist of the Postimpressionist school who revolted against Impressionism

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Her style is all about bright colors and various line rhythms, where the handwriting has been inspired by symbolism, art nouveau and postimpressionism, all of them creating an individual touch and form of expression.
At Paniker's exhibition in London in 1954, art critic Ludwig Goldschreider remarked on the lack of "Indian" feel and character in his works as they contained resonances of postimpressionism.
Artistic theory and practice that was being made in Europe changed with postimpressionism, the appearance of Art Nouveau or the generalisation of photography; in addition, with the mass arrival to museums of the metropolis of artistic pieces from non-Greco-Latin cultures and "primitive arts" of the colonies.
Few may be able to actually define the term postimpressionism, but Sunflowers and Starry Night are recognisable the world over.
Studiously and assiduously over the full curriculum we looked at cubism, mannerism and futurism; we argued over realism, symbolism and surrealism and we dissected postimpressionism, expressionism and Dadaism.
It represents a rather insightful progression of impressionism and postimpressionism.
The museum became a forerunner as a collector of French Impressionism, PostImpressionism, and important works from the late 20th century.
Extremely well written and critically comprehensive, the essay concentrates on "the rise of formalist, high modernism's Woolf, with attention also to the place of Bloomsbury aesthetics, and of postimpressionism and the visual arts" (40).
Martin Bailey, curator of the current show, says the exhibition was largely mocked but was later responsible for the addition of the term postimpressionism to art history.
Masterpieces by Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec will be on display at the Honolulu Academy of Arts from April 8 through June 6 in an exhibition titled "Japan & Paris: Impressionism, Postimpressionism and the Modern Era.