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someone who rides the near horse of a pair in order to guide the horses pulling a carriage (especially a carriage without a coachman)

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After the omniscient narrator reassures the reader that the Irish peasants are "peculiarly subject to the influence and example of a great resident Irish proprietor," Edgeworth shifts to the first-person testimony of the postillion Larry conceivably in order to affirm the validity of this Burkean principle of social order (199).
She had bribed the postillion with three rixdollars to take the lad on the mail coach to Copenhagen where, it was hoped, he might find a patron who would pay for an education.
Postillion, St Andrews Square Bus Station, Edinburgh.
In France, he wrote four volumes of his autobiography, with such titles as "A Postillion Struck By Lightning," "Snakes & Ladders," "An Orderly Man" and "Backcloth"; a collection of letters titled "A Particular Friendship"; and various novels, including "A Gentle Occupation," "Voices in the Garden" and "West of Sunset."
According to the guidebook to the Chat Noir, the Salle Francois Villon (i.e., the ground-floor bar) did boast an ornate 'Louis XVI mirror, which once belonged to Marie Antoinette and was stolen from the Trianon by a former royal postillion, who presented it to the famous Mme Mauraisin, the galante courtesan of the Temple.
"The many happy hours we have had together from the time we were Housemaid and Postillion together, are not to be forgotten and would that there was not to be an end of them!" When Fanny accepted a proposal of marriage from Robert Myddelton Biddulph of Chirk Castle, Darwin was the first person she wrote to: "Believe me Charles that no change of name or condition can ever alter or diminish the feelings of sincere regard and affection I have for years had for you.
Aside from the boys, livery was supplied to other Howard servants, including the grooms, postillion and coachman, who all wore lined suits with scarlet buttons and silk thread.
My Latin lessons at school taught me that one of the hazards of the Roman empire was the frequency with which one's postillion was struck by lightning.
Frankum also said that the ghost is a chariot drawn by six black horses driven by headless postillions and a lady clad in white.
They gazed in wonder at his carriage pulled by four grey horses manned by red-coated postillions, they shinned up lampposts for a glimpse of this godlike figure and some shelled out 7s 6d for seats on specially-erected platforms.
The leading trolly [sic] was drawn by four greys; the two leaders ridden by a couple of postillions, bearing on their heads tall hats made of newspapers.
In addressing legal considerations in this area in the early 1990s an experienced writer noted that some twenty years earlier another observer had described this to be "a muddy corner of the law through which some may attempt to drive a cart and horses", and going on to say that in 1991 the water was "no clearer and the postillions are more inclined to make a splash" (206) This was, of course, written in the days of the former ethical bar on deaccession.
While postillions were usually reluctant to depart until their vehicles were full, tow-boats were bound to strict timetables.