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a hole dug in the ground to hold a fence post


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Caption: Posthole digging can be one of the most dogged chores on the farm, but tractor-mounted augers make it a breeze (left).
Rosenswig describes a Late Preceramic possible living site with patinated lithics, pits, and postholes associated with a buried orange aceramic soil stratum from Caye Coco in northern Belize [35].
"She had a little spade, and I had posthole diggers.
The other store focuses on rentals that assist in bigger jobs like digging trenches, taking down trees with chain saws and building fences with posthole diggers.
My favourite object in Welsh history is actually not the common potsherd I was writing about, but rather the equally common posthole - the differently coloured soil defining where once upon a time, a hole had been dug that was used for putting up a wooden pole.
The stones in Feature 5 appear to have been stacked or discarded near a post, as evidenced by their circular placement around a posthole (Figure 4).
(6,18) During posthole preparation, the intraradicular smear layer formed was thicker than those observed in coronal cavities.
In the absence of a natural pinch, you can cut a tree that offers licking branches and "plant" it with a posthole digger about 10 yards out into the open food source.
Gengel bangs his knee hard when he accidentally slips into a deep posthole.
Tom Reith, product manager for Terex Construction Americas, adds site preparation, trenching, installing, concrete breakup, posthole digging and site cleanup.
In thinking about opportunities for deep knowledge in every day social studies, I am guided by a "posthole" metaphor.
Posthole evidence now confirms that an earlier hall of the same dimensions had stood on almost exactly the same spot.