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the quality of being toward the back or toward the rear end

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His contemporary, Mulla Sadra, after all, allows for the togetherness of God and the world as well as graded stages of priority and posteriority pertaining to the same pyramid of being.
732) with my suggestions that the blastomeres were quasi-organs, and that there must exist in the embryo some central organizing agent, because to accept these is to accept priority and posteriority (i.
But if I have learned anything from editing Plato and Platonism it is to question initial assumptions about the priority and posteriority of Pater's texts.
There is in fact a logical system inherent in any set or series of questions, involving a certain pattern of logical priority and posteriority.
260) Lastly, Fortenbaugh offers reflections on Aristotle's analyses of mistaken versus correct constitutions, which refine reflections of Plato in the Laws by emphasizing the fact that distinct species of regimes aiming at common interest reflect priority and posteriority analogously to the application of "focal reference" to substance in the Metaphysics (pp.
The results can be stated as follows, abridged and somewhat simplified: the form iparras denotes contemporaneity or posteriority in time relative to a reference point determined by the speaker; iprus denotes priority in time to such a reference point; iptaras denotes priority in time to one reference point simultaneously with posteriority in time to another reference point derived from context.