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the quality of being toward the back or toward the rear end

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The analogy of being and existence by priority and posteriority is not only found between substance and accidents, but also among other substances and other accidents.
Firstly, Posteriority, for which the native marker occurs quite infrequently in the corpus, gets a backup via two Spanish forms, antes (de que) 'before' and hasta (que) 'until'.
As he sometimes conceives the demand of temporal neutrality, all that the principle affirms is that the mere difference of priority and posteriority in time should not affect the normative significance of goods and harms.
We are here at the heart of the debate opposing the visible and the readable, or the visible and the speakable, since the entire strategy of the novel consists in making the reader believe that the photograph he is being shown (as well as all the following ones) come first compared to the text which comes second, in other words, that the photograph is anterior to the text which merely serves it, whereas it is the opposite which is happening: indeed, writing alone is what gives birth to the photograph, in a temporal relation which is not one of anteriority or posteriority, but one of simultaneity.
With the third series currently on repeats and season four due later this year, it saw Nesbitt go down in posterity - or is that posteriority - when Adam Williams was called upon to stand naked in the street singing with a rose up his bottom, an image used for the US poster campaign to promote the series in America though, strangely, not here where he owns up to ITV having used a 'butt double'.
The notions that are most commonly grammaticalised across the languages of the world are simple anteriority, simultaneity, and posteriority, i.
732) with my suggestions that the blastomeres were quasi-organs, and that there must exist in the embryo some central organizing agent, because to accept these is to accept priority and posteriority (i.
But if I have learned anything from editing Plato and Platonism it is to question initial assumptions about the priority and posteriority of Pater's texts.
I am not certain that the implied ontological posteriority of the one, and the logical problem this might entail, was at all an issue with him.
All are connected more or less directly with the central concern of Neirynck's career - the interrelationships of the Gospels - and with the correctness of traditional critical orthodoxy, the priority of Mark, the Q hypothesis, and the posteriority of John.
6) Is the impossibility of an absolute language-consuming simultaneity not enough to expose the declaration of love to the posteriority that makes it a dangerous and endangered act -- chance, luck, misfortune?
Real and opposing notions of priority and posteriority require the conception of some continuity, whether it is real or imagined (muhaqqaq aw mawh[u.
Divine life circulates without any anteriority or posteriority, without any superiority or inferiority of one to the other.
There is in fact a logical system inherent in any set or series of questions, involving a certain pattern of logical priority and posteriority.