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pigment mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size and egg yolk

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One of his first assignments at Palmer was to package a set of poster paints with an image preprinted on washable canvas that children could paint on, wipe off, and paint again to their hearts' content.
Applications: Tempera paints, poster paints, finger paints, watercolors and markers
Their grandfather and mother were interested in art - their mother is now considering turning professional - and the boys were encouraged to experiment with poster paints.
Acrylic paints or poster paints may contain many toxic chemicals or lead, especially if they are imported.
Showing a young couple with their two children and pet dog relaxing on a small sailing boat the poster paints an idyllic picture of the Tyneside town.
This was when I was going through my Van Gogh period and bought an easel and a selection of poster paints but drew the line at cutting my ear off.
People can try out using watercolour painting, poster paints, charcoal, felt-tips and pencils, to create a character of their own, or try to copy some famous characters like Asterix or Tin-Tin.
The six best artists were then given a big piece of paper and poster paints by ICAC to paint their ideas on how they see themselves in the new millennium.
Students tried to emulate the style of van Gogh using poster paints.
Using poster paints and acrylics his art would never have come to light at all had it not been for a unique exhibition which came to Dublin in 1999 called Outsider Art.
Our finishing supplies and tools were several 2- to 3-inch dowels for perches, water repellent glue, an 8-inch piece of heavy wire for each gourd, poster paints and paint brushes, a can of spray shellac, a small knife and a pencil.
Newspaper White poster board Assorted leaves Poster paints Old toothbrush Piece of screen Paper towels
Rumour has it that she'll soon get rid of the over-bleached hair, poster paints make-up, and even a few inches of silicon since an overly-inflated chest isn't what's in vogue these days.
Use permanent markers or poster paints to fill in the picture.
My first colors were the wax crayons and chalky poster paints of grade school.