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pigment mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size and egg yolk

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Use the leaves as stencils - they look just like mini trees - and coat with washable poster paint. Print onto large pieces of white paper to create a forest scene poster.
McWay, 17, were among the students working at the fair, encouraging tots to dip their hands in poster paint and then leave handprints on a large paper roll for a "hand mural."
In addition to poster paint, acrylics, yarn and glue, some students were motivated to veer into the world of papier-mache.
"I love you Michael," it said, in poster paint colours on a piece of card that required two people to hold it up.
With their sloppy brushwork in cheap poster paint, kitchen-table construction materials (tape, glue, cardboard boxes, and toilet-paper-tubes), and subject matter straight out of elementary school, these small sculptures seem to have been concocted just to elicit the usual "My kid brother could make that!" On the other hand, this was a highly crafted, old-fashioned art exhibition, with each work placed centrally on its own white plinth, just like a Giacometti or a Rodin.
Sargent Art, Inc.[R] has created a new Rainbow Poster Paint Set featuring a prismatic rainbow of colors to help younger students learn all about primary and secondary colors, prisms, and the basic color wheel.
One Halloween, a friend, using a simple cardboard refrigerator box, some Styrofoam, and poster paint, transformed himself into a meticulously rendered container of McDonald's fries.
Step 3 - Use poster paint to create a bold design on both fish.
You'll need felt-tipped markers, acrylic or poster paint, contact or household cement, and some hair spray.
Toddler Zeb Porritt's mum Ellen reveals how the two-year-old confessed to smearing their home with black poster paint while she answered the phone We used to be dinner ladies, now we're winner ladies Hospital canteen worker Julie Saunders and her five colleagues in Port Talbot scoop a PS25m lotto jackpot I'm like Victoria Beckham...
Having benefited from donations from individuals and organisations around the world as contributions to the Disaster Fund, the brand new building, still smelling of fresh paint, was packed with never-before-used toys, games, sports equipment, books, poster paint, crayons, pencils, and wonder of wonders - felt-tipped pens.
One day, Romero, then 10 years old, borrowed poster paint and started working.
They used poster paint to get their point across at an entrance to the park near Lark Lane, in an effort to maximise publicity during the Africa Oye Festival.
Daily printing workshops (18-22 February) are also on offer for which all you need is a pencil, a polystyrene food tray and a batch of water-based poster paint. Children will learn basic Chinese printing techniques and make a printing block to take home.
But the sixth group gave me this headline, artistically done in silver poster paint, in horseshoe shape, right above a large pasted picture of the Eiffel Tower: 'Getting Married?