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a female poster child

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Grant Grafton, from Rafa, said Eileen was key in getting the work of wartime filter officers like herself recognised, and he described her as "a poster girl for the association".
com, has got his sights set on the 32-year-old TV reality star to be its gestating poster girl.
It is clear the singer has now become the new poster girl for American decadence and Catholic bashing, which she perversely fobs off to the world as "creative art.
She has become a poster girl for the famous fashion line as well as seeing her face on billboards, buses and even on a boeing aeroplane.
People did tell me not to dance, and I am OK with being the poster girl for dancers with unconventional bodies," says Boykin.
The Newsweek story has an equally problematic poster girl in Genia Schockome, a New York woman whose ex-husband, Timothy, received sole custody of their children after a six-year battle.
The blond, seductive Helfer is the poster girl for fan sites.
But the whole concoction goes down smoothly, thanks to Letterle's charm and the talented supporting cast, including Meredith Baxter, looking like a poster girl for aging gracefully and sexily; Joel Brooks and Richard Riehle as the audacious Hat Sisters; and the almost criminally adorable Dean Shelton as Punch, one of Ethan's would-be boyfriends.
Consider the new poster girl for the dangers of osteoporosis: TV's Gidget.
Indeed, from a chance meeting at a birthday party, Dottie Herman, President and CEO of Prudential Douglas Elliman and a poster girl for the real estate industry, has added another dimension to her business that looks set to grow infinitely under the watchful eye of Consolo and Aquino.
Still, the fact remains that his best-known work, from 2000-2002, is a marble nude of the actress and '70s poster girl, and that the centerpiece of his recent show developed out of a three-year try at casting in molten rock.
Surprising Edge: Poster girl for women with stay-at-home husbands.
Over the doors is a statue of Our Blessed Mother looking rather like the poster girl for "workers of the world unite.
We waited almost a year and a half after her husband's sudden cardiac arrest to ask Linda Isner if she would be our Poster Girl to raise awareness for the Neighborhood Heart Watch.