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the state in which women have stopped ovulating

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ICGV 92267 originated from a cross between ICGV 86155 and ICGV 86162 made in the 1987-1988 postrainy season at ICRISAT.ICGV 86155 (PI 594969) is an improved germplasm line with 4-wk post-maturity fresh seed dormancy in the Spanish background developed at ICRISAT from ICGS 30/(`TMV 10'/Chico [F.sub.6] breeding line) cross (Upadhyaya et al., 1997).
The remaining 13 percent had vaginal prostin inserted for post-maturity. Sixty-eight percent of the induced labors delivered in the pool.
The accurate determination of the expected date of delivery of a child is protective of both the mother and child, helping to prevent misguided interference with pregnancy following the diagnosis of post-maturity arising from unreliable calculations.
Courts that have interpreted interest guaranties and refused to find the guarantors liable for post-maturity interest have sometimes fallen back on a number of policy arguments to uphold their position.
Where interest after maturity is made payable quarterly or semi-annually, separate actions for each installment might be brought; but a bit more cumbersome and complex from a litigation standpoint to proceed on post-maturity interest that is continuously due and payable and that increases in amount each and every day.
Despite these concerns, however, it is important to recognize that even courts that have failed to interpret particular interest guaranties as applying to post-maturity interest often have recognized that a lender and a guarantor could have agreed to extend the guarantor's liability to cover that interest.
"For example, if a patient is two weeks beyond Naegele's rule for a due date, [the obstetrician] might induce labor for post-maturity" without realizing the infant is actually only a week overdue.
Better than Expected Recoveries on Two Fitch Loans of Concern: One Newark Center A Note ($82 million) and a smaller retail property ($8.5 million) paid in full post-maturity. Based on Fitch's previous analysis a loss had been assumed on both Loans of Concern.