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the pharmacological determination of appropriate doses of drugs and medicines

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Information about legibility, generic name and active ingredient, therapeutic indications, posology and method of administration, contraindications, special warning and precautions, side effects, name and address of manufacturer/distributor, information about drug interactions, contraindications during pregnancy and lactation, special conditions and confidence interval (C/I), and storage information was present in >90% of PIs.
5,27) Table 4 shows the dose and posology recommendations for using antimicrobials in OPAT in Brazil for patients with normal renal function, as well as recommendations for reconstitution, dilution and infusion of these drugs.
The structure of the package inserts was not uniform and it was difficult to retrieve the information due to lack of a common layout; posology and administration, contraindications, special precautions and warning were present in all the (100%) package inserts.
It highlights the clinical placement and posology of these drugs.
Posology (dosage): 20 ml mixed in a glass of apple juice or carrot/beetroot juice 3 times per day.
However, lack of posology facility, the great number of medicines for each therapy, memory-related factors, distraction, routine interruptions and negative physiological state associated with adverse conditions caused by drugs are risk factors for the non-compliance to treatment (CHESNEY et al.
5] Due to its elimination and posology, and in order to minimize the incidence of gastric mucosal damage resulting from the administration of DS, and to provide an effective blood level for a reasonably long period, DS has been formulated as SR tablets.
In addition to deceiving their customers by making false claims and compromising legitimate essential oil traders, the distributors in this multi-level saturation were ill-equipped to advise on the posology, precautions, and potential risks of the products they were selling.
Acute treatment protocols in potential re-hospitalizations: (Name, posology, day):
For the other half, you really need to get the Posology oh so just right for our very precious Goldilocks' patients.
Within this, naturopathic case taking is covered and provides an outline of the philosophy and principles of practice, holistic consultation, structure and technique of case taking (initial, follow up and complex cases), posology (dosing), and how to determine a prognosis for recovery.
Albuquerque and Andrade (2002) remark that the knowledge about the combination between scientific and popular wisdoms generates the knowledge and assimilation of preparation techniques, which may favor the bases for future posology planning.
Given its good safety profile, with no or minimal side effects (including mitochondrial toxicity), convenient posology (one pill, once daily) and minimal side effects, ETV was initially considered the drug of choice for treating hepatitis B in HIV patients who did not require antiretroviral therapy.