positive identification

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Fingerprint records can provide positive identification of subjects during criminal history checks.
This print identification expert found 89 percent to be technically inadequate for identification purposes, with only 1 percent possessing sufficient ridge detail for positive identification.
Currently, a series of tests can rule out suspects, but it cannot produce a positive identification.
NYSE:UIS), a worldwide technology services and solutions company, has selected the IWS[TM] Biometric Engine[TM] to be a part of the Registry and Positive Identification Solution (RAPIDS) and HSPD-12 ID solutions on display in the Unisys Center of Excellence (COE) in Reston, VA.
The name of the female driver who died was being withheld until a positive identification and notification of relatives.
s activities are so parallel to the issues addressed by Lamar Associates in the field of crisis response and management via victim identification and threat/risk analysis and positive identification needs,", said Tran, "we know our association will be beneficial to millions of people at this critical stage of U.
At a news conference in early today, NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said, ``We are still completing a positive identification procedure.
These systems employ a unique class of high-purity germanium-based gamma ray detectors that offer the best available combination of resolution and sensitivity for the rapid, positive identification of nuclear materials.
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