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feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input

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Reportedly, Q-linea had previously received positive feedback from the FDA regarding the proposed clinical study for the US market.
A positive feedback loop impacts you and those around you, and can ultimately shape a healthier and happier community.
However, as we've seen, negative feedback conveys much more information than positive feedback. This is because there is really only one way to be right, while there is an infinite number of ways to be wrong.
During the recent Gulfood, Al Maya Distribution has signed partnership agreements, exhibited and sampled various high-quality brands, for which it received positive feedback from visitors, exhibitors and even competitors.
Fans have been giving lots of positive feedback to Charice, who has now changed her name on social media into Jake Zyrus.
We're proud to be unveiling the new driver uniform, which has already been trialled and has received positive feedback from drivers."
The response of the various climatic processes to climate change can amplify (positive feedback) or damp (negative feedback) the initial temperature perturbation.
AsAaAeAeA reviewsAaAeAeA were published following an embargo,AaAeAeA castAaAeAeA andAaAeAeA crew the positive feedback at the movie's European premiere in London after first hearing from the critics while travelling from Los Angeles, where "The Force Awakens" premiered Monday.
Results demonstrated that the teacher's overall frequency of positive feedback increased following VPF delivery, with positive collateral effects on student behavior.
The Qatar2015 Organising Committee has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participating delegations at the 24th Men's HandballWorld Championship, as the tournament moves into the final week.
(Then, of course, we tear into all the stuff that needs fixed or Improved!) But what kind of positive feedback do we give?
We've heard very positive feedback from the attendees, sponsors and exhibitors who attended GNA's 2013 Professional Development Conference & Membership Assembly, which took place October 23-25 at the Augusta Marriott.
Positive feedback loops often behave unpredictably, so their behaviors are difficult to express as mathematical formulas.
Openly participating and sharing opinions within groups can bring about apprehension for many people (Burgoon and Hale, 1983), so it is often felt that positive feedback is a useful tool for encouraging group members to contribute.
In order to meet demand for these parties throughout the North West, Forbidden Fruits have begun to recruit reps following their positive feedback from customers who claim to prefer the new, Forbidden Fruits in comparison to larger brands.
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