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Synonyms for convergence

Synonyms for convergence

a converging at a common center

the act or fact of coming together

the act or fact of coming near

Synonyms for convergence

the occurrence of two or more things coming together

the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit


Related Words

a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena

the act of converging (coming closer)

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Egypt managed to partly restore the positive convergence with important international powers.
Tetangco said that Philippine fundamentals were intact with the positive convergence of high growth and low inflation.
But generally, it represented a positive convergence of good business, technology, social services, politics, public policy, and administration.
In France, a statistically significant positive convergence value is also obtained for subsectors S2 and S7.
Those wanting a more integrated view of ecumenical achievements might turn to Walter Kasper's Harvesting the Fruits (2009), in which he summarizes the positive convergences of ecumenical dialogue and lays out a map for the future.