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having a deficiency of electrons

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The spikes pierce the cell walls of the bacteria and pathogens and deliver a positive charge directly to the inner core causing the pathogen to explode.
Essentially, a static charge arises when an external force causes electrons to be stripped from an atom leaving it with an excess of protons and a net positive charge.
cathode The electrode in a battery that has a positive charge.
where the effective positive charge on the left is due to the missing negative charge (the hole) in the PV sea and the negative mass energy (-[mc.
The authors of the new laboratory study found that low pH levels in seawater created a positive charge on samples of goethite (an iron oxide that is one of the most abundant compounds in ocean sediments), which then attracted negatively charged arsenic.
This action conveys a positive charge to the amino acid residue carrying the nitrogen atom, shown as--[NH.
ENGLAND captain Andrew Strauss gave his side a positive charge in their bid to come back in the Test series against West Indies.
The underlying assumption that soils in WA are only negatively charged, and hence do not retain nitrate against leaching, is not widely supported by scientific evidence, since the leaching model used in APSIM in WA has been tested only on a deep sandy soil likely to have negligible surface charge, particularly positive charge (Asseng et al.
However, the amount of citrus fiber had a significant effect at pH 4 because of the positive charge of WPI below its isoelectric point (~5.
Based around the notion that a strong vision is what makes companies successful, Das Auto is a strong and enduring brand pledge giving Volkswagen a positive charge and expressing its ambitious nature, the company added.
These so-called 'free radicals' try to lose this charge by colliding with other molecules in a bid to pass it on or to pinch a positive charge - a potentially destructive chemical process called oxidation.
This excess positive charge must be balanced with more anionic additives.
By superheating a gas into the plasma state, neutral atoms shed their electrons to form a positive charge, providing a highly conductive medium.
Teeth are negatively charged and plaque carries a positive charge, so when the HyG comes into contact with the teeth it naturally attracts plaque.
Generally, each positive charge of the metal is associated with one organic azo molecule to create a complex of sorts.
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