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(genetics) the effect on the expression of a gene that is produced by changing its location in a chromosome

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For example, Rebele, Stout, & Hassell (1991) reviewed several articles on course delivery and teaching methods and suggested that evidence regarding the impact of alternative teaching methods is, for the most part, The current study investigates whether or not the serial position effect can be observed in a real-world classroom setting where students have to learn, comprehend, and recall a large amount of related information over an extended time frame.
Locus control region function and heterochromatin-induced position effect variegation.
Tables 2 through 4 present the results of organizational size, company type, and position effects on measures of written and oral communication.
Furthermore, we balanced target positions across participants to prevent confounding the effect on physiological responses with a possible serial position effect.
We expect a differential effect with respect to the position effect scores for the 8 ETs connected with pictures described as either "shocking," "comforting or appeasing," "neutral," or "arousing mixed feelings"--as opposed to the 4 ETs connected with pictures that were not mentioned at all by the participant.
Because of its prevalence in the literature, we decided to give the same weight to the QD as to the other position effect measures (2a-2c) combined.
This study investigates local position effects on firms export decisions.
The model included contributions from within-run imprecision and position effects estimated from replicate measurements of patient samples, between-run imprecision estimated from QC samples, sample-specific effects estimated as the residual variance not explained by the other components, and bias on the basis of comparison of patient sample results to the IDMS results.
To minimize position effects, traps were rotated each time they were inspected.
Discussions include recent advances in epigenetics in tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis; the importance of dietary and environmental elements of cancer epigenetics; basic science to groundbreaking discoveries in clinical practice, diagnostic and prognostic elements of epigenetics in cancer and advances in gene therapy, and emerging aspects, including RNA epigenetics, epigenomics, chromosomal position effects, and polycomb group genes in cancer.
The anogenital distance index, a predictor of the intrauterine position effects on reproduction in female house mice.
Any stimulus that predicts the outcome in a particular ordinal position of the series could be the basis for position effects.
The analyses of remuneration data revealed strong returns for internally acquired human capital and some positive position effects.
Precisely what precedes and follows an ad is also, of course, a function of an ad's position within the pod of ads, so pod position effects are another potentially important aspect of ad context.