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Synonyms for posit

Synonyms for posit

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for posit

(logic) a proposition that is accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning

put (something somewhere) firmly

put before

take as a given

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Relationships between POSIT Subscales and other Measures of Psychosocial Functioning
Clients trading in POSIT Match have the ability to set portfolio constraints in order to optimize the performance of their portfolio during scheduled matches.
The science team at Posit Science took the analysis a step further, and looked to see if improvement in social cognition was possible with the right kind of brain training.
The author posits that the theater's chief offense against Puritan propriety was the commercialization of the theater in Elizabethan London.
Nineteen breast cancer survivors, all women, who underwent chemotherapy and reported having "chemobrain," participated in Posit Science's study.
Gains of that magnitude are consistent with other studies of Posit Science exercises published in scientific and medical journals, including gains of about 10 years noted immediately after training.
ITG's neutral agency broker status and trusted POSIT crossing suite have long been key differentiators for the firm," said Bob Gasser, CEO and President of ITG.
The online exercises from Posit Science's BrainHQ are provided in Easter Seals Train Your Brain Challenge and give a useful and fun way to train our brains.
The Posit Science Brain Fitness Program(TM)was developed and tested by a global team of more than 50 university-based brain scientists including Dr.
NEW YORK, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ITG (NYSE: ITG) a leading independent agency broker, today announced the launch of the next generation of POSIT Alert[sup.
The initial crossing session, POSIT VWAP(SM), will utilize the volume weighted average price (VWAP) benchmark.
NEW YORK, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ITG (NYSE: ITG), an independent execution and research broker, today announced the rollout of Liquidity Guard, the next generation of proprietary client safety measures that preserve execution quality and enhance the POSIT dark crossing experience.
Theories that posit an exact and complete symmetry between electricity and magnetism predict their existence; electric monopoles are very common.
LONDON -- Investment Technology Group, the technology-based equity trading services group, has announced that it has introduced POSIT Now - the continuous intraday crossing system for equities - into Europe.
crossing network, including the POSIT Marketplace[sup.