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One of the most important paintings of Seurat's career and one of the artist's most ambitious works is Models (Poseuses).
[beaucoup moins que] Elle etait porteuse d'armes comme d'autres militantes furent agents de liaison, porteuses de valises et meme poseuses de bombes contre des cibles strategiques [beaucoup plus grand que], a confie Benadouda.
Although Georges Seurat's supremely rationalist Poseuses (Models), 1886-88, is not on view at the Historical Society, mid-nineteenth-century French progenitors of modern sensibility--Delacroix, Daumier, Renoir, Pissarro--are in evidence.
The standard art-historical way with a work like Seurat's Les Poseuses, which shows three women undressing and undressed as they pose or prepare to pose, is to trace the treatment of three nude female figures back and back--through the Three Graces to the three goddesses and the Judgment of Paris as represented in paintings and carvings and drawings down the centuries.
Son frere Mohamed fut emprisonne durant la guerre de liberation et sa soeur Baya Hocine fit partie du reseau de poseuses de bombes dans la capitale.
Intrigued by the absence in almost every reproduction of the white moderne frame Seurat designed for LGJ (despite the fact that he'd painted a portrait of his painting in its bespoke outfitting in Les Poseuses, 1887-88, a background before which bare models arrange themselves), Molzan noted that "Hesse's frame can never be edited out of photographic reproductions as is done with Seurat's painting.
There are only so many Manets around, only so many Seurats (another of Haacke's works is devoted to the acquisitional history of Seurat's Les Poseuses [Small Version]).