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a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

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To avoid those poseurs, the public should check if the person manning the checkpoint is wearing the proper footwear.
La Roche Poseurs (Darla Bautista, Ysabel Chua, Marco Del Valle with mentor Nicko Falcis) from UP Diliman landed 1st runner up, winning a travel voucher to any Asean destination.
When asked to show evidence, the priest poseur could not provide proof, the report said.
In the life paintings (the titular "Poseurs," 2011), Smith's treatment of his subjects appears conventional.
Peopled by kids taunting cops, smalltown poseurs, love-lorn wannabes, belligerent bouncers, dirty old men and tarts, these indie-pop songs sound like The Streets bumping into The Jam on the dancefloor of a dodgy disco.
In this volume the villains are the Saint Rose Crusaders, a group of poseurs who like to dress up in Victorian-era ballroom outfits.
Another bunch of stick-thin poseurs with egos the size of Jupiter and tunes about as entertaining as regurgitated Echo And The Bunnymen.
We could unpick the implied theology of the Modern Movement in Britain, as Powers struggles manfully to do, or we could just see a bunch of stiff-shirted poseurs, not quite sure whether they gain more glamour from their proximity to Le Corbusier or association with social action suggested by the diagram behind.
She's been bold, inventive, uncompromising--an artist in a popular music landscape overrun with poseurs.
"They know this is the only way to provide the steering dynamics and weight distribution luxury consumers demand." And the image rear-drive luxury sedans (think BMW) have with buyers will continue to separate "real" luxury cars from the "poseurs" for the foreseeable future.
This awe allows poseurs to prosper, so elephant faeces and unmade beds become eligible for the Turner Prize.
And at times it makes you feel like 1984 again with all the talk of poseurs and what skating is and/or what it should be about, but that's killer in my book.
The Self Cooling Animated Bottle could be the end for vine poseurs claiming to know their wines.
The winner will get a pair of tickets for the Poseurs Platform which will allow fans to get up on stage during the performances, and three other winning entrants will get a pair of standard tickets each.
The Establishment media, of course, are assisting these pro-Communist poseurs, led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR).