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Synonyms for pose

position yourself


pose as something or someone


Synonyms for pose

to assume a particular position, as for a portrait


to assume an exaggerated or unnatural attitude or pose

to represent oneself in a given character or as other than what one is

to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

to state, as an idea, for consideration

to seek an answer to (a question)


the way in which one is placed or arranged

the way in which a person holds or carries his or her body

artificial behavior adopted to impress others

Synonyms for pose

affected manners intended to impress others


Related Words

a posture assumed by models for photographic or artistic purposes

a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display


assume a posture as for artistic purposes

pretend to be someone you are not

behave affectedly or unnaturally in order to impress others

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Make every person learn one pose well enough to teach it.
The app allows users to design personalized programs, choosing from a catalog of 300 poses.
The Accelerated Pose Method specialists are among a few in the Chicago area trained to teach this technique.
18 ( ANI ): A team of computer scientists have developed a software program that watches a user's movements and gives spoken feedback on what to change to accurately complete a yoga pose.
Power Yoga: Based on ashtanga, power yoga uses elements of the ashtanga series but varies the order and style of poses.
Schwartz believes that anyone can be shown poses, but in order for the student to have a body, mind and spirit connection, they must be guided in a practice that truly supports them.
But at some point, I started actually listening to yoga teachers when they said that if you keep doing the poses, they get easier.
Radical Islam poses a threat to GLBT people not because of the 'Islam' but because of the 'radical: Religious extremism of any type is a threat to our community.
A Google search turns up hundreds of Page poses - both of the cheesecake and fetish variety.
She also expressed nonalarmist but emphatic concern that developments in brain imaging could pose a threat to privacy, with potential employers or the government seeking to get under the hood and diagnose such technical glitches as violent tendencies or even racial prejudice.
Below are examples of some of the poses you are likely to attempt during your first yoga class.
There are eight limbs or stages of yoga, one being the practice of the asanas or the poses.
For instance, in the above excerpts, we find Sara challenging the traditional plots and characters found in fairytales; meanwhile, we see evidence of Brett's critical thinking, as he poses alternatives to violent acts seen in films such as Shrek.
These animal poses can teach concentration, strength, balance, and flexibility.
Faced with the challenge of giving visual form to different disciplines, Raphael created multi-figured compositions in which historical and biblical figures interact in the same space and, despite the occasional identifying attributes, figure through poses and gestures the more general concepts relating to their specific beliefs and ideas and to the depicted discipline as a whole.