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Synonyms for poser



Synonyms for poser

a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor

a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem

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Ruth tried to investigate on the case and even filed legal charges against the poser. Her efforts proved futile when the police said they can only provide victim support because no crime had actually been committed.
Furthermore, the Posers were a highly sociable couple, and often invited members of BCHA to their home for light refreshments and heavy conversations on topics relative to humanist objectives, such as morality, abortion, justice, literacy, and other subject matter.
That was the era of skating that I came to, which was probably poser stuff, but we were 13, so it was mind blowing.
Let's hope that these local Sunday league football players were able to handle their fame without becoming "posers" or resorting to alcohol.
As an empty-headed poser who has his name down for _ a BMW X5, let me put in a word for the Chelsea tractor.
The best way to honor residents is by weeding out and eliminating misfits, burnouts, defenders of vested interests, and posers. Replace them with change agents who raise standards and cultivate change.
But the classic tennis poser is Anna Kournikova, who earned pounds 25million off court compared to her pounds 3million tennis winnings.
"So he took the mic and said 'You're all a bunch of f***g posers if you ask me'.
In comparison to the photographs taken earlier in the century by European photographers whose subjects seem uncomfortably aware that they are objects on display, the posers in Sidibe and Keita's works seem to say, "I am." In response, the camera answers, "And you look beautiful like that."
Though most of it was rap forofa or baba - the pop version of rap embodied by Gabriel O Pensador's commercial hit "Loraburra" (Dumb blond), or the copycat Sao Paulo-based gangsta posers Piveti and the Doctor MCs whose songs draw far too heavily on Dr.
Round 2: General knowledge, 10 posers, eight showbiz related.
DOES anyone else think the London Marathon's turned into farce and the place to be seen for celebs, posers and wannabes just like Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot and Wimbledon?
It is no more than a peep show for the prurient, with Trisha acting uncomprehending, her jaw agape, at the antics of the degenerate posers on the show.
The posers were all put to the Ask Jeeves section on www.ask.co.uk.
I found the posers frequently far too easy and Tony still gallops through the questions like he has a bus to catch and then has long pauses between rounds.