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Synonyms for poser



Synonyms for poser

a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor

a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem

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The Poser is an exciting debut and I recommend it for its noirish beats.
At the end of each episode, MTV would let the victim trace the whereabouts of the poser.
Poser Pro provides users with the ability to build full 3D scenes with enhanced naturalistic quality, and allows production teams to cut project times, increase output and quickly train a variety of artists with ease.
Upon arrival in Vancouver in the early 1980s, the Posers became involved with the then recently-formed British Columbia Humanist Association, first as regular members, and later with Ernest serving on the Board of Directors.
Samedi, les nouvelles du robot et du vaisseau qui le transporte -- Mars Science Laboratory -- etaient bonnes et les scientifiques de la NASA a Pasadena (Californie), qui pilotent la mission, se felicitaient des bonnes conditions meteorologiques dans la region du cratere de Gale, oE doit se poser Curiosity.
Nous avons deja ici prolonge le temps accorde pour poser une question et pour y repondre.
Her one humiliating experience in Florida soon morphs into claims of extreme surfing, and a life-threatening incident finds Tallulah labeled a poser and an outcast by the entire student body.
20, but sets punters a poser with Bajan Bullet, Little Libretto and Style And Panache SIGNPOSTS 22 & 71 TRAINERSPOT 23 & 71
Murdock's POSER 8 REVEALED: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE (1598639706, $39.
After touring the Poser 8 interface, this series of 94 lessons introduces the commands for posing a 3D figure and the available rooms of features for enhancing figures.
Learn how to bring Poser characters to life through a survey of the latest version of the 3D figure design software, which provides a fine introduction to methods, techniques and character development.
Levien & Company's Daphne Poser, project manager, says the new store "blends the old-world charm of the former location, including lots of wood paneling and custom wood fixtures for displaying their enormous selection of wines and spirits, with such modern conveniences as a material lift to move some of the stores 59,000 bottles from the climate controlled wine storage room in the cellar to the street level store.
Part I: The Influence of Baroque Society, Style, and Musical Trends," includes 21 pieces that illustrate the many facets of the baroque style in outline form, along with com poser biographies.
Poser said Friday that the town had put the chief back on the payroll soon after the decision, and restored back pay, but he said that the sick time, vacation time and compensatory time the chief was forced to use while he awaited the judge's decision was never restored.
Content Paradise, a developer of a range of software products, has announced the launch of e frontier's Poser 5 as a free download.