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Synonyms for pose

position yourself


pose as something or someone


Synonyms for pose

to assume a particular position, as for a portrait


to assume an exaggerated or unnatural attitude or pose

to represent oneself in a given character or as other than what one is

to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

to state, as an idea, for consideration

to seek an answer to (a question)


the way in which one is placed or arranged

the way in which a person holds or carries his or her body

artificial behavior adopted to impress others

Synonyms for pose

affected manners intended to impress others


Related Words

a posture assumed by models for photographic or artistic purposes

a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display


assume a posture as for artistic purposes

pretend to be someone you are not

behave affectedly or unnaturally in order to impress others

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In addition to helping athletes with performance, the Pose Method can help prevent some overuse running injuries, including:
The program, called Eyes-Free Yoga, uses Microsoft Kinect software to track body movements and offer auditory feedback in real time for six yoga poses, including Warrior I and II, Tree and Chair poses.
5] who felt uncertain about her ability to construct problems that could be solved by the operation 2/3, was later on unable to pose any problem that could be solved by the multiplication 7x6.
She continues, "When we are fully in any pose and are fully in the moment there's a wonderful freedom with that.
As she leads us through the movements of a pose, she might say: "Stretch your arm toward the sky, any amount," or "Can you straighten your leg, and if you can't, that's okay too.
Radical Islam poses a threat to GLBT people not because of the 'Islam' but because of the 'radical: Religious extremism of any type is a threat to our community.
Tented events, for instance, pose a potential for fire and suffocation, while outdoor events may have other exposures related to them.
The problem-posing prompt presented above requires students to pose questions that relate, somehow, to a specific mathematical expression.
This pose can be traced all the way back to the early years of portrait photography.
To enter, Aerie shoppers take a photo of their favorite Aerie look using the Pose app, and tag Aerie as the brand or store.
Craig Carton, who co-hosts the Boomer and Carton sports talk show on WFAN in New York City, tore into Tebow over the pose, calling the quarterback a "narcissist," "fraud," and "sexy Jesus.
And the most popular pose is the Simon Cowell arm fold with 23 per cent of Scots replicating this pose in photos according to a survey by Nikon.
Plenty of books tell how to work with subjects but few specify how to pose them.
Multi-faceted Contest Seeks to Find Best Adaptation of the Iconic Captain Morgan(R) Pose
Each senior teacher took turns teaching a yoga pose to the crowd and, after giving their best instruction, the master would take over the teaching.