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large steak from the thick end of the short loin containing a T-shaped bone and large piece of tenderloin

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I threw all precaution to the winds, threw myself with fiercer zeal into the fight for socialism, laughed at the editors and publishers who warned me and who were the sources of my hundred porterhouses a day, and was brutally careless of whose feelings I hurt and of how savagely I hurt them.
Allen Brothers also offers more than a dozen gift assortments of its most popular selections, including delicate filets mignons, colossal porterhouses, tender veal chops and succulent lobsters.
It derives from the 19th Century bar-cum-restaurants called porterhouses, where they sold beer (porter) as well as simple meals, such as steaks.
With the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, offering his nasal vocal power a stone's throw away, the new Windows goes macho with a sports bar, an array of martinis and a meaty menu of filets, ribeyes, top sirloins, New Yorks, porterhouses, prime ribs of beef or pork, racks of lamb and veal chops.
It is a traditional American term and derives from the 19th century bar-cum-restaurants called porterhouses which sold beer (porter) as well as simple meals such as steaks and chops.