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a carriage entrance passing through a building to an enclosed courtyard

canopy extending out from a building entrance to shelter those getting in and out of vehicles

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Up to 400 people can attend a service when the porte-cochere (covered entrance) is used.
With its hotel-inspired grand lobby, regal porte-cochere, high quality features and finishes, advanced appliances by Miele, exquisite bathroom fixtures Grohe and Kohler, central cooling and heating system, beautifully landscaped garden terraces with lush green and water features and an array of luxurious amenities, W1 truly is the best of the best.
Plans also include two Hydro-Therapy spas, an outpatient therapy gym, skilled therapy gym, two new courtyards, and renovations to the bistro/serving kitchen and lobby with a new porte-cochere.
An old-fashioned porte-cochere greets guests, and there is a detached garage with a second-floor guest apartment.
Site improvements include a porte-cochere at the main entrance, on-site parking for 322 cars, provisions for a future emergency generator, and a location for a portable MRI unit.
The exteriors will include a living 'green' wall, decorative metal screens and a grand porte-cochere equipped for sheltered valet parking.
The 394-room resort features a refurbished and modern porte-cochere and an upgraded Ocean Lobby.
The chapel seats 100 people and has the potential to stand and seat 200 by including the foyer space, and can potentially accommodate services for more than 400 people by piping the service outside under the porte-cochere.
The hotel general manager, Martin Kendall, said, 'The extensive renovations began in January 2011 and upon completion in October will feature 319 upgraded deluxe and executive rooms, a new flagship restaurant and state-of-the-art business centre with three new boardrooms, a refurbished Below7 lounge and reinvigorated Porte-cochere entrance which will feature Brisbane's biggest video wall with a three metre by five metre digital display, showcasing everything from electronic artwork to Google maps.
The main palace building, its longer side being along the east-west axis, consists of two blocks joined by a porte-cochere (figure 3).
Suspended from four stories above, a mangrove wood and agate stone sculpture flanked by onyx columns draws guests' eyes in from the porte-cochere entrance.
Its architectural elements were designed to echo the dome, cornice and windows of the museum building, while the arrangement of the structures mimics the curve of the nearby porte-cochere.
A canopied porte-cochere leads to a circular glass and limestone entry rotunda next to a landscaped courtyard.
It is slated to feature a grand porte-cochere off Al Meena Road, providing a prestigious grand entrance to the hotel's foyer.
In recent weeks, the hotel has acquired a roof, exterior sheathing, windows and a porte-cochere.