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Synonyms for portal



Synonyms for portal

a grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically)

a site that the owner positions as an entrance to other sites on the internet

a short vein that carries blood into the liver

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The Portal Server also integrates extensive blog-hosting and management facilities into the online content management system.
Enhancing the overall capabilities of the Java Enterprise System, the Sun Java System Portal Server 7 is the first to allow the easy creation of interactive communities of users and services, building community portals populated with collaborative content including RSS feeds, blogs and wikis.
MapInfo's Web services platform--Envinsa--is an XML, standards-based technology platform integrated with IBM's WebSphere portal server.
In other cases, departmental systems may have been highly customized and are too specialized or expensive to rationalize rolling them out for general, horizontal document management at the workgroup level, instead, solutions designed for general use, such as Xerox DocuShare, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, or IMR Alchemy (recently acquired by Captaris), might make better sense, depending on an organization's functional requirements.
BOSS has experience and creative expertise in assisting enterprises with all aspects of that deployment, including migrations to Active Directory, the Microsoft schema for tracking all network resources and users, and SharePoint Portal Server, which enables enterprises to seamlessly connect users, teams and knowledge so people can take advantage of relevant information across multiple business processes.
SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server (for larger companies) is perfect for builders because it lets average users and customers share documents and collaborate on projects without having to spend a lot of time and money on complicated Web sites.
Ideally, the archiving platform you choose should be able to manage e-mail and unstructured content generated by your e-mail system, such as Microsoft Exchange, as well as instant messaging, file-server environments and collaborative services such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. It should be highly customizable to your company's needs for data lifecycle management and scalable enough to accommodate foreseeable growth.
RM will also provide a managed, authority-wide network and portal solution, based on RM Community Connect 3, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Windows 2003 Server.
The carrier will utilise the Sun Java System Portal Server - a key component of the Sun Java Enterprise System - in order to improve worldwide communication amongst its 71,525 global employees.
Microsoft is taking the logical step of moving towards a portal-centric view of collaboration, but it will not be until the release of version 2.0 of SharePoint Portal Server that the vendor will be in a position to exploit its true capabilities.
Java Enterprise System features Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 and Java System Identity Server 6.1 for identity management; Java System Web Server 6.1, Java System Active Server Pages version 4, Java System Application Server 7, Enterprise Edition; Sun ONE Portal Server 6.2, Java System Portal Server, Secure Remote Access 6.2, Java System Portal Server, Mobile Access 6.2; Sun ONE Messaging Server 6.0, Java System Calendar Server 6.0, Java System Instant Messaging Server 6.1 for communication and collaboration; and high-availability features.
Under branding, Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server 2001 will become Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, adopting the naming convention for Word and other applications in the version of Office due this summer.
First, we will outline the evolution of SOM 210, Introduction to Business Information Systems (SOM 210), a large lecture course of 270 students per semester that includes small group projects and is designed around an academic implementation of Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server 2001 software.
With the Grid Engine Portal portlet and the Sun ONE Portal Server, users can securely do the following: