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Synonyms for portal



Synonyms for portal

a grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically)

a site that the owner positions as an entrance to other sites on the internet

a short vein that carries blood into the liver

References in classic literature ?
But few as the moments were, it seemed to Giovanni, when she was on the point of vanishing beneath the sculptured portal, that his beautiful bouquet was already beginning to wither in her grasp.
While busy with these contemplations he heard the rustling of a silken garment, and, turning, beheld Beatrice emerging from beneath the sculptured portal.
Then, hiding her face, she fled from him and vanished beneath the sculptured portal.
She put Baglioni's antidote to her lips; and, at the same moment, the figure of Rappaccini emerged from the portal and came slowly towards the marble fountain.
For forty yards round the portal the ground was black with writhing, screaming figures, who struggled up and hurled themselves down again, tossing this way and that, sightless, scorched, with fire bursting from their tattered clothing.
One lion fell in his tracks, another stumbled to my very feet, and then I leaped within and slammed the portal to.
He saw the gilded halls of pleasure that would open their portals to the possessor of the wealth which lay scattered upon this stained and dented table top.
A score of blacks crowded about the entrance to watch the searchers depart, and as the last of them passed out of the village the blacks seized the portals and drew them to, and Mugambi lent a hand in the work as though the best of his life had been spent among the raiders.
Granet brought his car to a standstill outside the portals of that very august club in Pall Mall.
A joint effort of the Office of the Director, Defense Research & Engineering (DDR & E) and the Defense Technical Information Center, the Portal provides single-sign-on access to current and historical DoD R & E information, including DTIC technical data resources.
Is it possible to design Web portal interfaces in such a way that they appeal to young users and become their preferred entry point to Web-based information?
But it's good enough for the vast majority of web-oriented applications, and its initial price tag is a nice fit for many portal strategies.
Next generation portal vendors are working hard to provide internal and external users with personalized, integrated and secure Web-based interfaces to data, applications and collaboration services--a definitive advance from the single-page, information-only Web portals of the past.
Directories, which store user identity information, simplify the management of these portal solutions, by allowing companies to control access to portal resources and personalize those resources based on a user's role and responsibility in the company.
The cpa2biz portal will be the place for all CPA activity on the Web," declares AICPA President Barry Melancon.