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At the meso-level della Porta analyzes the dynamics of social movements following their emergence.
The $34 million Porta Reef Fund was set up in the last quarter of 2007 to finance the $90m exclusive Porta Reef development.
Porta Reef is the first project to offer freehold ownership on Reef Island,' said Porta Reef head of sales Ahmed Habib.
The water cleanup must also be accompanied by a companion project to remove the contaminants from the soil at the Porta Bella site so this area doesn't continue to feed them to groundwater supplies.
Fawaz Ali Al Jowder, chairman - Porta Reef, said: '"We are delighted to see that the project is ahead of schedule and progress is significant.
MANAMA: Porta Reef Real Estate Development Company has completed a show model unit for investors and unit owners to view.
Porta Reef, a three-tower project located on Reef Island in Bahrain, is ahead of schedule, company officials said.
claim city officials failed to honor the 1995 development agreement and a 1999 memorandum of understanding for the 2,911-home Porta Bella tract.
Porta Systems plans to file the information statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission by October 7, 2009.
Separate collection of municipal solid waste with the system of Porta a Porta.
11 November 2014 - UK communications and marketing solutions provider Porta Communications plc (LON:PTCM) said today in had completed the acquisition of domestic sector player PPS Group Limited for some GBP[pounds sterling]6.
MANAMA: Porta Reef, a three-tower project located on Reef Island, is ahead of schedule.
According to the deal, university chief executive officer Richard Brow will be a key member of its advisory board for Porta Moda, a $7 billion mixed-use development offering residential, educational, hospitality and retails districts with a focus on style and design.
It is easy to point fingers but much tougher to assign blame,'' said Greg Trimarche, an environmental lawyer hired by the city to work on the Porta Bella development planned for the site of the former ordnance plant.
Porta Systems CCTV Distributed Video System is a unique patent-pending balun design that transmits up to four independent CCTV video signals over a single four pair CAT5 or better UTP cable.