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any of various pigments distributed widely in living tissues

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Here we consider a third class of biomolecules which exhibit phase conjugation behavior as alternative locations for the holographic grating than that formed by porphyrin networks.
Results: The results show that Porphyrin compounds exert an insulin-like effect on Na+, K+-ATPase.
The traditional view is that normal to marginally increased fecal porphyrin excretion distinguishes AIP, because many fold increases are expected in HCP and VP (3).
Manganese is a micronutrient that the body's cells can handle and forms a very stable complex with the porphyrin, a type of pigment molecule that can help to achieve the necessary properties.
1936), and in non - porphyrin form with undefined structure (Khuhawaret et al.
When porphyrin lipid-shell microbubbles containing perfluoropropane gas are bombarded by low-frequency ultrasound energy, they burst and release nanoparticles as small as five nanometres in diameter that can readily travel into a tumour's deepest recesses.
Porphyrin derivatives was found effective for inducing a microbiocidal or larvicidal action in polluted waters (Fabris et al.
Plasma porphyrin fluoroscanning demonstrated an emission peak at a wavelength of 619 nm (excitation wavelength 405 nm).
Gold nanoparticles coupled with porphyrin photosensitizers can be widely used in medical industry in the treatment of diseases due to their curing specifications and importance.
The material science related to porphyrin includes artificial photosynthesis, organic solar cells, photodynamic therapy, light-emitting materials, nearinfrared dyes, non-linear optical materials, molecular wires, catalysis, supramolecules and so forth.
Among the topics are nanoparticles for bioimaging, biomedical applications of dendrimer porphyrin or phthalocyanine, carbon nanotube bioconjugates, engineered biomolecules as nanomaterials, a microfluid-based polymer scaffold design for tissue engineering, and environmental applications of nanomaterials.
Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, patronizes the 1st International ALA and Porphyrin Symposium (IAPS1), slated to be hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) on October, 28, 2013.
They looked for two important molecules namely iron and porphyrin, that is present in the haemoglobin-protein found in blood.
Pfeiffer thought that the excess pyrrole production was similar to porphyria, the group of metabolic disorders caused by abnormalities of enzymes needed in heme and porphyrin synthesis.