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creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc

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On her ( website , Pall described the character as "corny not porny."
He took a secret dislike to the bearded editor of the porny magazine.
She also admitted to going through their e-mails and having a habit of bursting into the room whenever one of them's on the internet in order to surprise them should they be doing anything vaguely porny.
It's not porny in any way, just a celebration of the female assets featuring girl-next-door types.
With the obvious exception of the direly pretentious Revolver, the physically unwatchable Rag Tale and Michael Winterbottom's porny 9 Songs, British and Irish cinema's had a good year.
Thanks to Kylie - and her 16-inch waist - proper lady corsets have replaced porny black bustiers a la Anastacia.
Reportedly she's worried that whoever has the lap top will try and sell whatever it is on there and that ultimately it will re- surface on a dodgy website, a la Pamela and Tommy Lee (although there's no suggestion that whatever's been stolen is of a similar porny nature, so voyeuristic fans shouldn't get their hopes up too much).
Whatever seedy, sleazy, porny activities she engages in now she can look all teary-eyed and tragic and say "I'm doing it all for Harvey." There are no longer any boundaries for her vulgarity because whatever she does "it's all for Harvey."
Even when they're well written, most fictional sex scenes are either porny or icky.