porcupine fish

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spines become erect when the body is inflated

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There's also a venomous lion fish and several species of puffer fish including the bridal burr-fish, the porcupine fish and the dog-faced puffer, which looks a bit like a harbor seal.
In the Virgin Islands, snorkelers may see spectacular creatures, such as porcupine fish, rays, and angelfish along with many types of coral, such as brain, fan, and staghorn.
In addition, a variety of colorful fish found in the Southern region of the Gulf of California are featured in a nearly 8,000-gallon exhibit, including king angelfish, Cortez rainbow wrasse, porcupine fish, and Mexican lookdowns.
Butterfly fish, angelfish, cornet fish, lionfish, porcupine fish, octopus and huge Napoleon rass go drifting past me as I descend to a depth of 10 metres, furiously equalising every inch of the way.
When another fish tries to eat it, the porcupine fish (below) knows just what to do.