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ceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic

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The porcelain walls and floors glittered in the light of many thousand gold lamps; the most gorgeous flowers which tinkled out well were placed in the corridors.
They told me there were fountains and fishponds in the garden, all paved on the bottom and sides with the same; and fine statues set up in rows on the walks, entirely formed of the porcelain earth, burnt whole.
The walls of the chancel are of porcelain, all pictured over with figures of almost life size, very elegantly wrought and dressed in the fanciful costumes of two centuries ago.
Principal productions are porcelain, tea, cinnamon, shawls, tin, tamarinds and opium.
And with due and proper and most intricate Japanese ceremonial we of the circle drank saki, pale, mild, and lukewarm, from tiny porcelain bowls.
The firelight flashed and glittered on the silver ornaments of her dress; her neck and arms, with their burden of jewels, gleamed like porcelain in the semi-darkness outside the halo of his student lamp.
Each returns to his degree in the scale of good society, porcelain remains porcelain, and earthen earthen.
This is a photo of a pair of porcelain figurines that belonged to my grandmother.
Imported porcelain tiles are exempted from the P3 per square meter provisional safeguard measure imposed by the Department of Trade and Industry on imported floor and wall tiles to protect local manufacturers from import surges.
ANTIQUES have long been an attractive investment, and none more so than porcelain. Early pieces of porcelain are very fragile and expensive and grow more valuable with time, below.
Porcelain soap dispenser, PS17.99; porcelain toothbrush mug, PS8.99; porcelain pot with lid, PS12.99; cotton terry bath towel, PS19.99; hand towel, PS12.99; flannels, PS8.99 for three, all H&M
as well as valuable WHEN Quaker entrepreneur William Weston Young and the gifted ceramic artist William Billingsley set up a porcelain factory at Nantgarw, near Cardiff, neither could have realised they were bequeathing today's collectors a legacy of rare Welsh porcelain of exquisite beauty.
Billingsley's soft paste porcelain recipe was used at the Nantgarw factory, but production ran into early difficulties.
Like Billingsley, Pardoe was born in Derby and, in the 1780s, apprenticed at William Duesbury's Derby porcelain works in Nottingham Road.