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a change in the relative numbers of the different groups of individuals making up a population

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As migrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East continue to arrive in Europe in unprecedented numbers, a new World Bank/IMF report says that large-scale migration from poor countries to richer regions of the world will be a permanent feature of the global economy for decades to come as a result of major population shifts in countries.
China's consumer class is growing because of a major mass population shift with 300-million people moving from the country to the city-and beginning to earn middle class wages.
However, as the demographics of America's population shift to favor furniture rental, other kinds of people are joining the ranks of renters.
As the population center comes to the west and as educational institutions look at the population shift as it moves closer and closer to TVCC, our future begins to look a little bit threatened," Ellis said.
1999), we determined whether the genistein-induced population shift in coat color also affected body weight distribution in adulthood.
And that population shift may be working in President Bush's favor.
Part of the population shift comes from a lifestyle change among residents' adult children, Dockery said.
It also tremendously reduces access to smaller cities and, therefore, entire regions are slowly experiencing population shift with all the economic, cultural and ecological consequences that come with it.
What about stagnant population growth and, more commonly, decline, the impact of a growing Aboriginal population, the deprivation of Aboriginal communities and the population shift to our towns and cities, the need to get on with building constructive partnerships that will lead to development and job creation north of 50, the need to dump the "One size fits all" approach to government services and programs and the need to restore the north's opportunities to define northern needs and opportunities and to help shape northern responses.
An analysis of recent census data confirms a perhaps now unalterable population shift on the Great Plains of the United States.
The population shift, Montana's slow rate of population growth relative to the nation, and Montana's ranking among the states have caused some to suggest that Montana may lose one of its Congressional seats.
In fact, this population shift began a decade ago but went largely unnoticed, the New York Times reported.
Today The Journal can reveal the extent of the school closures in the North East, prompted by a falling birth rate and the continuing population shift as young families head south.
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