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a chart showing the number of people as a function of their ages

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The market growth can be attributed to a number of factors such as the growing need to minimize medication errors, rapid decentralization of pharmacies, changing population demographics, and rising labor costs.
The analysis tracks the growth of the most popular types of wild bird food and wild bird products for American consumers, assessing the impact population demographics like age, race, pet-ownership, location and home ownership have on wild bird food and product purchasing trends.
The practical examples used throughout the book relate directly to current issues faced by this country, specifically the shift in population demographics, the ever-increasing demand for government funding of social programs, and the impact of the global economy and evolution of technology on our daily lives.
"We've launched the VIVA online store with differentiated user experience and proposition, benefiting from Bahrain very high Internet penetration and young population demographics. It's also a time where Bahrain's digital economy is thriving and this step particularly meant to build on that success and tap into the growing needs of today's connected consumers," said VIVA's chief commercial officer Karim Tabbouche.
The census to establish the country's population demographics is always conducted after every 10 years.
What is also surprising is that posts mentioning some halal certification are likely to get fewer likes than those that don't." Dr Mejova noticed the number of posts mentioning the word halal was not strictly correlated with the population demographics of Muslims living in different countries, including the UK and the US.
The report highlighted the importance of understanding how UK population demographics affects what we need, how the UK needs to invest to maintain its position at the forefront of technology and how, despite what some say, UK infrastructure continues to be delivered on time, to budget and to quality.
Dimock broke down Obama's impact in myriad ways, including the growth of political partisanship and the shifting population demographics both with minorities and millennials.
Healthcare reform, intensified scrutiny, a dramatic change (and opportunity) in population demographics, and practice shifts from private to hospital employees (and sometimes back to private practice again) create uncertainty, challenges, and opportunities.
"And they failed to account for the impact of elements such as population demographics or the scope and efficacy of efforts to mitigate contraband.
Therefore, in addition to direct killing, the indirect consequences of predation have a huge role in affecting the population demographics, fitness and density of other key ecological species.
This comparison demonstrated that the demographics of the potential respondents did not differ from the population demographics more than 1 percent.
Among a number of other findings, respondents around the world believe their governments are largely underinvesting in the infrastructure--both social and physical--that cities need to successfully adapt to their future population demographics.
The increase in the diagnosed incident cases of HL was partly attributed to the moderately rising trend in the incidence of HL in the 7MM, combined with changes in the population demographics in the respective markets.
Rob Valletta and Catherine van der List's analysis indicates that a substantial part of the increase is related to the business cycle; however, structural components such as changes in industry composition, general wage levels, and population demographics have also contributed to the increase.