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Al Malki reiterated that the launch of ballistic missiles towards civilian populated areas is a direct breach of the principles of the international humanitarian law.
But a statement from the council said: "The safety of the public was paramount and therefore once the Lynx had strayed over to a populated area of the community, it was necessary to act decisively."
The official condemned the continuation of the Saudi aggression war jets in targeting the populated areas and killing Yemenis, as well as the unjust blockade, which caused the lack of life necessities, including food, medicines and oil derivatives, in an obvious violation to all international and humanitarian conventions and laws.
For citizens, supporters of the demand of the environmentalists, it is most important for the future industrial capacities to be outside from populated areas. They say that construction of objects like the smelter in Veles and ironworks 'Zelezara' in Skopje, which were built in the cities, should never happen again.
Occupied Jerusalem, April 3 (Petra) -- The Israeli occupation army is setting up a battalion for launching rockets against populated areas, Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz reported Tuesday.
Iceland sits on a volcanic hotspot in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and has relatively frequent eruptions, although most occur in sparsely populated areas and pose little danger to people or property.
VERSATILE The showroom sits in a densely populated area.
''The secretary general strongly deplores the Israeli military raids that took place yesterday in a densely populated area of the Gaza Strip in which at least 14 Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded.
This area is the most densely populated area of the world that has a monsoon climate, high pollution level, water shortages, and farming activity.
Israel's military has pledged to investigate why such a large bomb was used in a populated area. The bodies of three of the youngsters, already declared dead, were recovered from the rubble of smashed homes Wednesday.
According to the report of DPO, in the purview of national action plan, local police cannot give approval to anybody to use air space with prior permission of civil aviation because it may cause danger in populated area in case of any accident.
Place of performance puumala (k623) main place of delivery: puumala municipality sparsely populated area
Summary: Parachinar (Kurram Agency) [Pakistan], June 24 (ANI): The death toll in two subsequent explosions at a densely populated area of Kurram Agency's Parachinar city Friday evening has risen to 34.
Hadley Center's close proximity to 1-287 coupled with a tenant line-up of some of the industry's strongest retailers will draw residential customers living in this densely populated area as far away as 10-miles from the center.
The previous government had decided to shift the prison from the densely populated area to an open space but the project could not be initiated, Express News has learnt.