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Synonyms for popularisation

an interpretation that easily understandable and acceptable

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the act of making something attractive to the general public

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The President has truly been patronizing all efforts aimed at promotion and popularisation of Urdu and his commitment to the cause can be gauged by the fact that he delivers all his speeches at home and abroad in the national language.
The contract has been signed for the popularisation of its i-MiEV new-generation electric car in Denmark.
As the author writes, 'no human being is more responsible for the development and popularisation of cinema as the dominant form of art and entertainment .
The contract is creative and ideological portrayal of science and technology in Slovakia through media and awareness campaign to the popularisation of science and technology in Slovakia.
He said the science popularisation is the main propelling force for socioeconomic, cultural and environmental development of any country.
focuses on the popularisation and sale of Internet and the broadband Internet (ADSL) services.