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a mushroom-shaped valve that rises perpendicularly from its seat

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While Novo engineers tweak the internal geometry to achieve the flow spec, they also try different spring and poppet designs to shorten the stabilizing time, which in turn allows faster part-to-part cycles later in production testing.
Continental engineers looked for a reliable mechanical damper to double as a pressure balance for the poppet. "A return spring alone would be unstable," says Kris Yates, mechanical design engineer at Continental.
As this pressure builds, the poppet seats itself and closes off inlet pressure.
Arch-villain Dr Strangeglove (Ashley Slater) and his incompetent Glump sidekick Fishlips (Boris Hiestand) steal the egg and promise to return it only if Katsuma (Emma Tate), Poppet (Phillipa Alexander) and the other Moshi Monsters retrieve three rare objects.
Complete poppet travel is a mere 0.007 in., resulting in low power consumption and exceptionally long life.
Known for his imaginative and often extravagant style of portraiture, among the pieces he left behind was an oil painting of his daughter Poppet.
Hopefully there's no such draw nonsense tonight at Catterick, where the Durham School Handicap (7.00) sees the reappearance of Poppet's Lovein.
Your 1-Series will look a poppet in white, and stand out from all those zillions of boring black and silver motors.
The pressure regulator also has a spherical poppet design that self-centers for repeatable positive closure.
WHILE Kelly Clarkson was ecstatic after her double win at the Grammys, the poor poppet was down about splitting from her fella.
POP poppet Rachel Stevens wants to play Glastonbury 2007.
An investigation has been opened into the blaze, which began early yesterday at Quaking Houses, Stanley, and destroyed the block of stables ( killing five-year-old pony, Fergie, and a pet rabbit, Poppet.
The improved design features include a fully encapsulated seat seal, which prevents inaccurate cracking pressures, a delta stem seal system that reduces stem friction to produce an accurate reseal and a raised lip on the poppet, which eliminates stiction and prevents damage to the o-ring.
Unlike comparable, direct-acting relief valves, this design has a pressure-sensing disc on the poppet, upstream of the seat that controls the valve position.
It consists basically of a moving element, such as a poppet, A, which is exposed to primary circuit pressure.