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According to police, a man named Meharban Hussain along with his sons lodged a complaint with Police Station Mandra that his brother Chaudhry Qurban Hussain heard news that three men were cutting the poplar tree from their land located at Haryal Village and rushed to the area.
Familiar plants such as alfalfa, sunflower, corn, date palms, certain mustards, even willow and poplar trees can be used to reclaim contaminated soil--a cheap, clean and sustainable process.
The pair built their nest in a tulip poplar tree in 2015.
Mrs Stokes, 79, had just stepped out of the bathroom on Wednesday when her neighbour's poplar tree smashed through the side of her bungalow in Balaclava Road, as the tail end of Storm Frank battered the region.
Ruth, 79, had just stepped out of the bathroom to look in a hallway mirror yesterday when her neighbour's poplar tree broke off in high winds and smashed through the side of her bungalow on Balaclava Road in Kings Heath.
And when all she could see out of her bedroom window was branches, her fears were confirmed - the 60ft poplar tree she loved had been blown down, another victim of Storm Desmond.
Children from Acklington First School playing under the shadows of <Bthe 250-year-old black poplar tree.
Q: I have a very large poplar tree that must be 15 feet or more around the base.
Paul Barker has been appointed as general manager of the Poplar Tree Garden Centre in Shincliffe on the outskirts of Durham.
20am yesterday after a 10m section of poplar tree crashed down onto the front of a house.
My old island poplar tree rattles its leaves before the easeful
They, too, placed scythes in the poplar tree, beside James', which the tree had now grown around.
Scientists in China have made a reflective coating with a structure that mimics the underside of a poplar tree leaf.
The rare black poplar tree over 100ft high stood on a path off North Road near Burton Dean Park for over 100 years before it was chopped down because Kirklees had fears it may topple over.
144 Earls Road, Nuneaton, removal of conifer and pollarding of poplar tree in rear garden, Mark Wilkes.