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of or relating to or supporting Romanism

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In addition to its importance in mainstreaming apocalyptic interpretation in late-Stuart history, Johnston's work is especially helpful in explaining the credibility of the Popish Plot allegations and the meaning of 1688-89 for contemporaries.
Catherine of Braganza, the Popish Plot, and Catholic Books
This may explain why, since the publication of John Kenyon's account in The Popish Plot (London: Heinemann, 1972), historians keenly interested in the subject have framed their more analytic studies in terms of "public opinion," "political crisis," or "political instability" rather than adopting the Popish Plot itself as their governing framework.
Many of the details advanced as evidence of the Popish Plot seem implausible to modern readers, leaving it difficult to understand how contemporaries believed in its existence.
How they regarded Catholic processions, hagiolatry, indulgences, and other popish exploits remains obscure.
In her introduction, Catherine Armstrong points to ephemera as a theme of the volume: Angela McShane examines the typography of broadsides; Eddie Cass and Paul Smith explore chapbook "mumming plays" (folk plays); Susannah Randall looks at the increase of newspapers during the Popish Plot; Stephen Brown presents a biography of the eighteenth-century newspaper publisher, Peter Williamson; and Lisa Peters surveys reaction to the Boer Wars in the North Wales press.
And I know not what his successor may be, for ought I know [that] he be a popish successor, a papist, and I cannot swear to obey laws not yet in being, nor to be obedient to a popish successor.
There the second George Gilbert Scott of that remarkable dynasty raised in 1874 a church as the setting for Thomas Birkett Dover's pre-Reformation English, as opposed to Popish, ritual, with Sarum altars draped with correct blue curtains, choirs singing from the rood-screens and un-Puginesque 15th-century Perpendicular Gothic windows and woodwork.
The authors, father and son, paint the background to all this and describe in detail the hysteria that gripped the country during the Popish Plot of 1678 and the years following.
A popish and arbitrary English king out to emulate a popish and arbitrary French king, himself bent on establishing a "universal monarchy," was ousted by his liberty-loving subjects who invited his Calvinist Dutch son-in-law to rule.
Francis Barlow's A True Narrative of the Horrid Hellish Popish Plot was produced in 1682, followed by the humorous and often bawdy creations of William Hogarth, such as The Punishments of Lemuel Gulliver (1726).
Religion was the means for gaining and retaining power, and Mary Tudor's (Joanna Whalley) popish affiliation certainly endowed her with the means of holding power in an increasing polarized political landscape.
When Bill O'Reilly's forebears were streaming over from Ireland, groups with names like "Supreme Order of the Star-Spangled Banner" railed against these redheaded runts, many of them conceived in the "legalized Sodoms" and "Popish brothels" described by the reformed priest William Hogan in his nativist tract Auricular Confession and Popish Nunneries.
During its SXSW set, the seven-year-old band guided the crowd, swinging from fast-paced tunes like "Mexican Radio" or the almost popish "Downtown," which is about lying low and skirting the strip, to slower-paced lyrics about telling a girl that she is the one.
Even remarkable and lurid events such as those in the Popish Plot are described in drab, matter-of-fact tones, if they are described at all.