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plaything consisting of a toy gun that makes a popping sound

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Windowpanes above a nearby airshaft splintered in popgun bursts, a party of workers swarming through their ruined frames out onto the fire escape.
Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad bowled popgun dross, while Andrew Flintoff looked short of full fitness after a brief opening burst of hostility on Thursday.
Even if they manage that, by 2027 $3 billion may not buy more than a popgun, given the escalating complexity and costs of modern defence equipment.
Off the wall: Raised on Japanese anime and hip-hop magazines, Brown has self-released his work as the book series GUTSONPAPER and contributed to volume three of Popgun a graphic mixtape published by Image Comics.
Brooks and published by Roberts Brothers, 1871; "The Boy and the Popgun" and "The Boy and the Pipe" were originally translated by Abby Langdon Alger, and published in The Mischief Book by R.
Though our weapons were inferior, the Haganah officers redeemed our popgun forces.
My .30-30 sounded like a popgun. I cycled the lever fast, but the bear moved faster, swinging his right leg wide.
In the era of air-to-air missiles and nuclear warheads used against bombers, that short-range popgun in the tail just didn't afford much protection for or confidence from the crews.
Last December, Secretary Thompson came up with another popgun: awards.
But the wolves will be back, and popgun populism (a brawnier SEC, etc., etc.) won't hold them off.
IS it really 20 years since we listened in amazement to that debate in the House of Commons when all the stuffed shirts who'd never lifted a popgun in anger ranted about the indignity of Britain's last colonial outpost being invaded by Johnny Foreigner?
This relates back to our definition of Before joining Popgun Design, an award winning brand design agency in San Francisco, Sean Ziegler worked as a Director for one of the largest brand strategy firms in the world.
Don't let Clubwomen and sentimental popgun crusaders disarm you and arm the criminal." [31]