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a short high fly ball

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However, Green didn't get any ground-ball or pop-fly chances.
Why should the catcher turn his back to the infield on a pop-fly around home plate?
Just a few years ago, even the most loyal Sox fans expected the team to lose, having seen their hopes dashed time and time again by boneheaded managers, hobbled first basemen, and pop-fly home runs.
Stotts made one errant throw but otherwise cleanly fielded three grounders and one pop-fly.
Bellerose had the big hit in the outburst with a two-run pop-fly single.
His last Dodger Stadium appearance might have been Sunday's ninth-inning, pinch-hit pop-fly out.
Matt Lupien punched a two-out single and scurried home on cleanup hitter Dan Solis' pop-fly triple to right field.
Sophomore Megan Kasala-Hallinan followed with a pop-fly single.
In the Seattle seventh, Abbott walked Edgar Martinez and Jay Buhner followed with a pop-fly double down the line that right fielder Tim Salmon barely failed to catch.
Kayla Milewski had the big hit in the fourth, a pop-fly double that got past the left fielder.
Dahlstrom's pop-fly single plated Berry in the second inning.