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ONCE THIS STEP WAS COMPLETE, students then drew that piece again and cut it out so that, in essence, the final piece will pop off the page three times.
If the arrow doesn't pop off the bowstring, the nock fit is too tight.
According to a spokesman forFood Standards Agency(FSA), there is a risk that the bottle caps may pop off without warning, which "may cause injury".
Irn-Bru'smanufacturer AG Barr has recalled 11 different drinks in the 750ml glass bottle range due to a manufacturing fault which may cause bottle caps to pop off.
But nothing lands" Tina Brown, journalist and author of The Diana Chronicles, on Donald Trump The President can't just pop off or lash out irrationally.
They find it weird TV star Fay Ripley The President can't just pop off or lash out irrationally.
* Botanical Boutique--Bright colors pop off a neutral palette to create a fresh style.
Just pop off the beading on the inside of the door, remove and replace, or go to a glazier.
Officials for the Chicago-based company say the bright colors pop off the shelf and the bold green banner provides a nice contrast for the white print, allowing shoppers to easily read the product information.
When the Titanic hit the iceberg, the hull plates bent, loading the rivets in tension causing some rivet heads to pop off. When one head popped off, its load was transferred to the remaining rivets--and the rest is history.
High-quality cables (such as the Hopkins BC0860 shown; $40 from amazon.com) have professional-grade clamps that won't pop off. High-quality cables are a once-in-a-lifetime investment.
Dry at 125[degrees]F overnight, pop off and break up the stock.
When it's time to cow call, simply pop off the mouthpiece and you are ready to mew like a cow, chirp like a calf or do aggressive estrus cries of a hot cow in heat begging for company from the herd bull.
Areas tested for the Pedicle Screw included: screw pop off, set screw stripping, screw fracture and screw disassembling.