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Synonyms for poorly

Synonyms for poorly

suffering from or affected with an illness

Synonyms for poorly

somewhat ill or prone to illness

('ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner


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Poorly planted, by politics, illy attended, by politics, decimated and many times repeatedly decimated by the hostile forces of their environment, a straggling corporal's guard of survivors, they thrust their branches, twisted and distorted, as if writhing in agony, into the air.
without viciousness, good- natured, generous, born weak, raised poorly, with an irresistible chemical demand for alcohol, still prosecuting his vocation of bay pirate, his body was picked up, not long afterward, beside a dock where it had sunk full of gunshot wounds.
Then, full of his evil purpose, Godrich thought no more of his oath to the dead king, but cast Goldboru into a darksome prison, where she was poorly clad and ill-fed.
He was dusty with walking, and poorly dressed--I think his clothes were ragged--but directly I saw him, the wet night, his face when he left me, the parlour I was left in, and the people that were there, all seemed to come back together.
Missis can't see any one to-day, sir - she's poorly,' said she, in answer to my inquiry for Mrs.
Such was the figure (very meanly and poorly clad) that now rose from the seat, and stalking across the room sat down in a corner of the chimney, which the politeness or fears of the little clerk very readily assigned to him.
It happened that that night, an old gentleman who lived at Chigwell Row, and had long been poorly, deceased, and an order came to me at half after twelve o'clock at night to go and toll the passing-bell.
The bare walls had been coloured green, evidently by an unskilled hand, and were poorly decorated with a few prints.
But she thought it was in the order of nature that people who were poorly off should be snubbed.
Would the little wench ever be poorly off, and Tom rather hard upon her?
Global Banking News-December 11, 2014--SBI chief says bankers being paid poorly
Technology Catalysts International (TCI), a leading global pharmaceutical consulting firm, has compiled and analyzed technical and market information pertaining to the delivery of poorly water soluble or poorly permeable pharmaceutical compounds.
BLIND and partially-sighted people fear leaving their homes because of the risk of falling over on damaged or poorly maintained pavements, new research has shown.
It feels derivative, boring and uniformly poorly executed.
l], in an observational study of 12,359 patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes at baseline.