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an establishment maintained at public expense in order to provide housing for the poor and homeless

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I've found that mistakes are often the first stepping stones to utter failure and backing odds-on shots is the quickest way to the poorhouse, which is a good description of my current residence.
It's the fastest way to the poorhouse - and I've already bagged the best room here.
This is why he's always been attracted to arts programs, which he produced and coproduced first under the RM Arts and Music label and most recently with Poorhouse International, based in London.
HERE'S proof the Conservative slogan about a Northern Powerhouse is cynical propaganda when deep cuts con-firm the Tory Party treats us as a Northern Poorhouse.
which could drive the husband to the poorhouse, unlike annulment as practiced under the Family Code of 1988.
Backing Scottish teams is usually the quick route to the poorhouse - in fact, I even think twice before backing one to win the Scottish Cup - but Strachan's men look must-bet material at 21-20 to win in Georgia tonight.
The state highway department, known as PennDOT, received reports of bones in what appeared to be an impromptu burial site beneath a broad meadow that had once been the site of a poorhouse, said Bob Rescorla, a PennDOT inspector at the site.
The uneducated and meager-minded man who is destitute is a continuing cost-burden to society; and it is a poor order of intellect which can look upon the poorhouse as a desirable haven for old age.
I continually bail them out of jail and send them off to rehab, but nothing works, and I'm destined for the poorhouse.
Not quite the poorhouse, though, but a new report claimed that the British royal's wealth is "crumbling," and her household finances are already at a "historic low" with only [pounds sterling]1 million [AUD1.
Their daddy is, of course, in the poorhouse, but better to be in the poorhouse with my dogs than anywhere else without them.
It's made by the same production company, Wall To Wall, and it will follow five celebs - including actors Felicity Kendall and Brian Cox - whose ancestors were unfortunate enough to end up in a Victorian workhouse, or poorhouse as they were more accurately called in Scotland.
Scottish actor Brian Cox, pictured, is told of his great-grandfather's life in Glasgow, where bouts of ill-health forced him to register at the poorhouse in order to receive healthcare.
The old Elizabethan Poor Law stipulated that no one should be allowed to starve to death and that the poor must be given their daily bread, and it required each parish to provide a poorhouse to shelter the homeless.
Nesbit's team and visit their world, and Rosalind even spends some time in an Edwardian poorhouse.