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Synonyms for poor-spirited

lacking in courage and manly strength and resolution

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He larked with the midshipmen, played single-stick with the mates, ran up the shrouds like a boy, sang a comic song one night to the amusement of the whole party assembled over their grog after supper, and rendered himself so gay, lively, and amiable that even Captain Bragg, who thought there was nothing in his passenger, and considered he was a poor-spirited feller at first, was constrained to own that the Major was a reserved but well-informed and meritorious officer.
As yet I have sustained no loss; thanks to the precautions which you have slighted; but my property is too unsafe here; my turn will come next; I and my people will share the contempt you are bringing upon yourselves, and will be thought, like you, poor-spirited beings, who may at any time be plundered with impunity."
But the General had avowed to me that, over and above such considerations as these, there were circumstances which compelled him to "move with especial care at present", and that the fact had actually made him poor-spirited and a coward--it had made him altogether change his tone towards me.
But he went quite quick enough for Margaret, a poor-spirited creature, who had chickens and children on the brain.
'You poor-spirited girl,' returned Miss Wade with infinite contempt; 'does all our companionship, do all our conversations, do all your old complainings, tell for so little as that?'
you coward!" said Tom, and kicked him over, feeling humiliated as a sportsman to possess so poor-spirited an animal.
In metaphysics, poor in spirit does not mean poor-spirited, but rather implies putting aside prejudices, present negative and destructive habits of thought, including old religious beliefs that stand in the way of discovering the God within.
Editor Shaun Lyon said: "Perspective on the subject has been lost, and some incredibly poor-spirited exchanges have taken place."