poor white trash

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The Poor White Trash rarely possess energy and self-reliance enough to emigrate singly from the older Southern States to the South-west, but usually migrate by whole neighborhoods; and are thus to be seen nearly every summer or fall plodding along together, each family having its whole stock of worldly goods packed into a little one-horse cart of rudest workmanship, into which likewise are often crowded the women and children, the men walking alongside looking worn and weary.
They're bringing Poor White Trash And The Little Big Horns to the Edinburgh Festival next month.
Writer Jon Canter took Henry's own band, Poor White Trash and the Little Big Horns, as the starting point for The Man.
Now he has teamed up with fellow funsters Ade Edmondson and Hugh Laurie in a band called Poor White Trash And The Little Big Horns.
Poor White Trash," writer-director Michael Addis' debut film, abounds in enough frantic energy for several comedies, but barely enough laughs for one.
Pimps, prostitutes, poor white trash, grudges, favours and the Mob - New Orleans is a hotbed of violence and corruption.
Finally, the great Lenny Henry will be whooping it up in the Midnight at the Olympia slot with his Poor White Trash band tonight and tomorrow.
The band, otherwise known as Poor White Trash And The Little Big Horns, started as a hobby.