poor white trash

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Surprisingly, however, the Snopeses have heretofore scarcely been examined in terms of their relationship to Faulkner's conception of poor white trash. Much remains to be said, however, in regard to the ways in which the Snopeses informed Faulkner's literary career.
The rhetoric of the campaign refigured "poor white trash" as being pure white Americans.
fun-loving gunplay is symptomatic of the poor white trash stigma type.
They're bringing Poor White Trash And The Little Big Horns to the Edinburgh Festival next month.
A contemporary account of"Poor White Trash" by Southern planter Daniel R.
"Poor White Trash" debuted at five theaters; a re-issued "A Hard Day's Night" opened at two and "Moonshadow" was at one.
Writer Jon Canter took Henry's own band, Poor White Trash and the Little Big Horns, as the starting point for The Man.
Now he has teamed up with fellow funsters Ade Edmondson and Hugh Laurie in a band called Poor White Trash And The Little Big Horns.
The stereotype of poor white trash: liquored-up, malevolent, unemployed, undereducated, country-music-listening, oversexed, foul-tempered men; and long-suffering, quickly aging, overly fertile, too-young-marrying, hard-headed women.
Emmet Walsh Carlton Rasmeth Tim Kazurinsky Poor White Trash," writer-director Michael Addis' debut film, abounds in enough frantic energy for several comedies, but barely enough laughs for one.
Tim and his wife, poor white trash, are pushed to the limits of humanity.
Even Eugenia comes around, telling him, "I don't mind about your being poor white trash" (p.
These three population groups - planter aristocrats, black agricultural slaves, and poor white trash - constituted the cast of characters in most pre-World War II discussions of the Old South's history.
Finally, the great Lenny Henry will be whooping it up in the Midnight at the Olympia slot with his Poor White Trash band tonight and tomorrow.