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Make amendment in the law that no case of the poor person will run.
It was an extremely distressing sight for the poor person who discovered them.
A rough definition of a poor person is someone earning around EUR13,000 - about half the average industrial wage whereas a rich person earns around EUR50,000 per year.
I was born and raised a poor person (in South Central L.
His organization owned assets worth billions of rupees but his life was like an ordinary and poor person," she said.
Government should tell if dying is the treatment of the poor person.
Every poor person in Britain shames all those who have wealth and power.
He warned that PTI would stage protest demonstration if the administration did not start inquiry in to the suicide of a poor person in Khar in next three days.
When asked about using of unhygienic equipment, a barber said he was a poor person and could not afford to use a separate razor and towel for every customer.
I am not against a poor person becoming the prime minister.
Her subordinate roles as a child, a poor person, a servant and a prisoner have bred in her a bitter sense of irony, which she eloquently expresses to Simon as she begins to feel more comfortable with him.
The elder sister of Khadija who is student of graduation said that doctors have told that Khadija could improve provided she gets proper treatment and therapy, adding that since her father is unemployed and poor person they could not afford her treatment.
Former National Assembly deputy speaker Faisal Karim Kundi is also a poor person according to his declaration of income.
He said American elections are unique because even a wealthy person has the same vote as a poor person.