poor devil

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someone you feel sorry for


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One wag tweeted: "I'm delighted to see Michael O' Leary winning, he needs the few quid the poor devil.
Ah, the poor Devil only wants to be left alone, but the Lord will give him no peace
After five years you can get released early and feeling very rejuvenated you can go out and bash some other poor devil.
On the other hand, if you took an inhabitant of Milan and put him in a mountain village in next-door Francophone Switzerland, the poor devil would be at quite a loss.
on his head, hounded by glory and flags, poor devil.
And should some poor devil ask about one of them, he'd better have a fresh drink in his hand and some time to spare.
Failing in that, he took the creator, owner, and governor of the universe up into an exceeding high mountain, and offered him this world - this grain of sand - if he, the God of all the worlds, would fall down and worship him, a poor devil, without even a tax title to one foot of dirt
Before he decided, on grounds of economy, to stick with 'the last poor devil, such as they had made him, with all his aches and infirmities, to the end of the chapter' Yorick had been well mounted and well caparisoned 'for many years', a statement that takes us back to the late 1680s.
It does a poor devil (like the writer) good to go among families like these; the wife clean and well dressed; children the same, and well behaved.
Most get the job because some poor devil has lost two in a row, perhaps through no fault of his own.
We give them the same assistance as we would any other poor devil if there's trouble.
It was there that I sang with Roy Rogers As I rode his horse, Trigger, all chuffed When Trigger died thousands all cried When Roy had the poor devil stuffed.
I watch as some poor devil spends three years in the county jail, mostly for the reason that his lawyer can come by once a week and earn $500 dollars.
Kieren Fallon couldn't be present - poor devil, he's on holidays in Barbados - but he was in touch by mobile with his partners in the dog, Pat Jones and John Duggan and promised he'd be there for the next big engagement.