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box for collecting alms, especially one in a church

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While her friend was distracting attention of shop assistant, the woman quickly took the poor box on the counter.
All churches used to have a Poor Box where people could drop in a few coins during the year.
The play was presented by the duo's Poor Box Productions to mark the tenth anniversary of Breakthrough, a human rights group based in Delhi and New York.
Gathering colors, one after another, brother of half patches, stepfather of quarter tones brought to a sketch, an easel, like offerings for a poor box.
Money was taken from the prayer candle box and poor box.
Instead, let us have sin taxes that take a bite out of the wallets of the rich, and put some money in the poor box for those most sinned against.
At the most basic form, and probably the commonest type of traditional charity, some churches had bread cupboards and a poor box, for donations to the poor.
Back then, opinion was split due to the film's violent nature, but despite poor box office performances, Fight Club later turned into a big hit when it was released on DVD.
And like the poor box office business it has done in the US, I bet they didn't see that one coming.
Melbourne, Apr 5 (ANI): 'Australia' director Baz Luhrmann has said that the poor box office release of his film in the US was the reason why he and his crew did not get an Oscar nomination.
In truth, the movie's poor box office showing had more to do with the critical mauling it received.
By then, people were rather less easy to shock, but the sheer energy and brilliant verbal play of Halliwell helped it receive favourable reviews, if poor box office returns, and it was a winner at the Berlin Film Festival.
The failure successfully to promote Canadian films has resulted not only in poor box office returns but also in their short lives.
Motoring fines and poor box donations generated E210million for the district courts alone.
In 1954, Wasson took in and adopted a wayward boy who had been thrown in jail for stealing pesos from the church's poor box.