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a room with pool tables where pool is played

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His crowd in the poolroom laughed at my cracking voice.
On September 16, Ray Burnstein phoned the Selden Avenue poolroom and told Levine that the sit-down was set for 3:00 p.
Rothstein was the beneficiary of the murder, taking over Rosenthal's business and acting thereafter less as a poolroom shark and horserace manipulator and more as the financier of Broadway shows--a pal of George M.
the poolroom symbolically suggests, Ward--the ignorant thug version of
If Taft's dad had missed the thing from the teeming shelf in his poolroom, he had never said anything to them.
On the [Bingo] Company property there is one Poolroom close to the mine, that is now being operated, three log and two frame buildings as well as three cabins and two shacks, the latter two having been sold, it is alleged to Bootleggers.
By a town ordinance, boys under eighteen were not allowed in the poolroom, but Hoyle made no effort to comply.
But from age 11 on, I frequented the neighborhood poolroom on Willett Street between Rivington and Delancey to watch one of the owners at the ticker-tape machine calling out the baseball scores per every half-inning as they came in on the tape.
The poolroom was dark and silent, and you could pretend no one was outside, treading the grass by the door, or beyond the screened enclosure, lounging in the chaises by the pool.
They have also added a large conservatory, which serves as a convenient poolroom, leading into the family room where a handmade bar creates the perfect party space.
David Johnson offers low-key support as a gentle fellow who befriends the trio, and there is a raucously funny contribution from Keala Settle as a gruff lowlife in a poolroom.
Roughly one hundred civilians and soldiers raided various premises, including the Austrian Kitchen restaurant, the German-Canadian Club, the Ukrainian-Labour Farmer Temple, Fiesel's Poolroom, and Fuhrman's Butcher Shop.
Poor, homeless, and adamant that he was innocent, Gideon was convicted of breaking into a poolroom in Panama City, Florida.
Joe Kushner's clandestine poolroom beneath his general store was where the local boys hung out.